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At 7am, an ambulance races to a hotel where a man has fallen, drunk, from a balcony, breaking his jaw and gashing open his head in the process.He is transferred to hospital in Heraklion the island's capital, where his condition is serious but stable.

More data (including some of the CEO's emails) was released on August 20, 2015.He is the expert of Sexual health in the panel of many international health care organizations like Health Care Magic, Medindia, oo Womaniya, Advice Adda etc He is an expert author in Times of India , Healthme Up, Future Medicine Magazine, IMA Nammude Arogyam and lot of other media.Dawn breaks over Malia and casts a shaft of sunlight over the wreckage of the night.When they wake up with crippling hangovers, they'll ask themselves: 'Did we?' It's Thursday in Crete's premier 'party' resort, and, as usual, it's been a busy night at the medical centre - around 50 Brits turning up for treatment to cuts, sprains and wrist injuries from fighting.

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Trails of blood on the pavement reveal where revellers have fallen or been in a fight.

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