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Feel free to continue sending your projects, we will definitely post them after we get sun burnt.

We are looking at expanding our reach into other languages as well as beef up our m IRC archives to give you the best of the web.

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This is different than the i Phone, as once it is reoriented, longer names are visible.

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  2. CONTENTS OF DISK 1 ================== amigademo Graphical benchmark for comparing amigas. Author: Reinhold Weicker (Ada version) Rick Richardson (C version) dotty Source to the "dotty window" demo on the Workbench disk. Author: Landon Dyer make2 Another make subset command. "Portable" because the code itself is portable and because the archive format is very simple (uses ascii headers to separate files). Author: Martin Minow xrf C cross reference utility. Author: Bob Denny CONTENTS OF DISK 3 ================== gothic Gothic banner printer. Author: unknown roff A "roff" type text formatter, roughly following "Software Tools" version.