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As per the advisory, matrimonial websites will need to confirm the "user's intent to enter in to matrimonial alliance" and "confirm that the user information is correct to the best his or her knowledge" when they register to join the platform.

With this advisory coming in place, users of matrimonial websites will be required to submit or upload true copies of supporting documents such as proof of identity and address for the purpose of user verification.

Technology has taken dating to a new level, every time we get a notification on our phone, we get a little buzz of excitement, which causes a little spike in the release of the reward hormone dopamine.

(Note: this book was originally published under the title "Why He Didn't Call You Back".

The new title "Have Him At Hello" reflects new content added by the author for paperback release in 2009).

IT and Telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Thursday has approved an advisory on functioning of the matrimonial websites, which will give details about the set of rules they need to follow to check abuse on their platforms, official sources said.

"Matrimonial websites are intermediary under section 2 of Information Technology Act and they are mandated to follow IT Act," a source said.

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Then once we are into a relationship, our connection with technology is increasing.

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