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The home is regularly visited by young men who try to entice the girls into their cars, so as to give them drugs and alcohol, and then coerce them into sex.

The girl, who is lonely and uncared for, meets a man outside the home, who promises a trip to the cinema and a party with children of her age. After she has been raped by a group of five men she is told that, if she says a word to anyone, she will be taken from the home and beaten.

Until now, its scale and scope would have been inconceivable in a civilized country. A fourteen-year old girl is taken into care by the social services unit of the town where she lives, because her parents are drug-addicted, and she has been neglected and is not turning up in school.

She is one of many, for that is the way in Britain today.

And local government entities—Councils—can be ordered by the courts to stand in for parents of neglected children.

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The Lend-Lease Act, or “An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States,” which was signed by President Roosevelt on March 11, 1941, gave the US president the right “to sell, transfer title to, exchange, lease, lend, or otherwise dispose of … for the government of any country whose defense the President deems vital to the defense of the United States.” The term “any defense article” was understood to mean weapons, military equipment, munitions, strategic raw materials, ammunition, food, and civilian goods required by the army and homeland-defense forces, as well as any information of military significance.

The structure of the Lend-Lease Act required the recipient nation to meet a number of conditions: 1) payment is not required for any items that go missing or that are lost or destroyed during hostilities, but any property that survives and is suitable for civilian use must be paid for in full or in part, as repayment of a long-term loan granted by the US 2) military articles being stored in the recipient countries may remain there until the US requests their return 3), in turn, all leasees must assist the United States using all the resources and information in their possession The Lend-Lease Act required countries requesting American assistance to provide the US with an exhaustive financial report. was correct to recognize this requirement as something unprecedented in world affairs, claiming during a Senate Committee hearing that for the first time in history, one state and one government was willingly providing information to another about its own financial position.

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The effort was part of a larger initiative called Cosmic Future that wants to use art as a therapeutic tool with Syrian young people.

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