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The military government is in denial about the proliferation of prostitution and its contribution to the economy and tourism, said Panomporn Utaisri, country director of Night Light, a Christian non-profit group that helps women in the sex trade to find alternative work.But those working in the industry say curbs on commercial sex services would hurt a flagging economy that has struggled to recover after political turmoil took the country to the brink of recession in 2014'The police presence already drives off a number of clients who come to relax or drink at bars,' said Surang Janyam, director of Service Workers in Group (SWING), which provides sex workers with free medical care and vocational training.

I\\'m one one of those people that will give anything a try.... my clothes magically fell off , my mouth immediately needed filling, and rear went into heat We are a couple 2 bi Males 63 and 50 that love to rev it up with Dom, Subs, sluts CD/TV\'s and kinksters.The plan is to go backpacking two or three weeks through the south of Thailand (island hopping probably), starting in Bangkok. I've got about 2/3 days to set a date in stone, for now it's open anywhere nov/dec.I realized after my post ANOTHER RACIST DAY IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD (A Day in The Life of A White Chick In Buriram, Thailand) went live, that a peek into Thai public and private life between the sexes, as I know it, may be in order.The toleration of so many gay bars has as much to do with maintaining the profits of the tourist industry as with the social acceptance of homosexuals." The idea that Thai society has a somewhat contradictory attitude towards homosexuality is echoed by Chuan, a gay university lecturer: "In Thailand, the distinction between heterosexuality and homosexuality is more blurred and tenuous than in the West. It's a curious mixture of tolerance, ignorance and evasion." On a personal level, these conflicting attitudes are most directly experienced within family life.The prevalence of homosexuality, and the pattern of large families, means that almost every Thai family has a gay son.'' They're generally accepted," claims Chuan,'but their gayness is never talked about." This contradiction, between the acceptance and avoidance of homosexuality, suggests that tolerance is not always based on full acceptance and that it probably has more to do with the Thai tradition of family loyalty than with a liberal sexual morality.

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