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The more fully you develop who you are, the more likely it is that you will attract a mate who will appreciate you. But those people can never be your true soulmates, the one that G-d chose for you before you were born. This is Torah law and the wisdom of the Jewish mystical tradition as it has been handed down for thousands of years. Successful marriages are focused on the things both partners have in common.The time you are given before you are married is a special time for growth. Your lives should be moving in the same general direction. Fortunately, given the lack of human contact involved, it doesn’t even feel like a rejection. We order some wine and quickly realize that we share almost exactly the same interests: I like cooking, she likes cooking. I like trying to beat my high score on Tetris, she… After meeting an amazing woman at my own party and letting her slip through my fingers, I resolved to start dating and not stop until I had a girlfriend. Don’t set yourself unrealistic targets Weirdly, two weeks after signing up to Guardian Soulmates, I haven’t received a single reply. ’ And so, one week later, I find myself on a blind date.

When you marry the right person, that person will enourage you to be the best you can be. You might be attracted to someone of the same gender.I have realized I have all the mating skills of a giant panda.At this rate, I’ll be put into captivity to stop my species dying out and assigned a keeper to lift me on to sexual partners.As many of us know, locating a match in the modern world can seem more difficult than discovering an oasis in the desert. For nearly 15 years, Saw You At Sinai has been helping Jewish singles find their destined partners.“The goal of Saw You At Sinai is to get Jewish singles married,” said Marc Goldmann, Saw You At Sinai’s CEO.

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