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If your router blocks the player's access to port 123, the player will basically give up.

To fix this problem, you have to add an exception in your ROUTER'S settings that opens port 123 to the blu-ray player's IP address.

The TV displayed "No Time Display" on the black screen.

This was a pain in the butt, as I missed the part of the movie when it came back.

Probable cause is a fragile implementation by Samsung coupled with a firewall configuration that is stymieing the NTP client.

I just spent an hour piecing together an answer to this problem but I have the fix - here it is for everone else that is Googling the same problem.

I (and others) figured Blu-ray would be the last physical disc format we'd see, but here we are.

Streaming hasn't quite yet reached the quality (and revenue) vehicle we all assumed it would be by now.

It will ONLY do this through port 123 on your router.I googled my router and "open port" to find instructions for my...After countless rumors and delays, Ultra HD "4K" Blu-ray is arriving this year.This is the second Samsung Blu Ray player I have purchased. It was pricey, (9.99 at Best Buy) but had hoped that being more expensive it would last longer than the previous Samsung Bluray we had owned. Samsung hasn't provided the necessary update to keep some of its players. Samsung should either update the players or purchase them back from the consumers.Over the line with customer service I have verified that my Blu-ray player is up to date. I bought my Samsung BD-J5700/ZA from Sears to replace a Sony I had.

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