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The next step is to learn about the presentation of location information to the user in the form of maps and satellite images.

The goal of this chapter, therefore, is to provide an overview of the steps necessary to present the application user with location, map and satellite imagery using the Map Kit Framework and, in particular, the MKMap View class.

By pulling a user’s location, you make the data in your app more relevant to your users.

Shawn Welch discusses i OS 5 enhancements to location services including forward and reverse geocoding, placemarks, and regions.

Information may be presented in map, satellite or hybrid (whereby the map is superimposed onto the satellite image) form.

The displayed geographical region may be changed manually by the user via a process of pinching stretching and panning gestures, or programmatically from within the application code via method calls and property manipulation on the Mk Map View instance.

Part 1 Map Kit Tutorials Part 3 Making it Pretty Part 4 Race Conditions, Other Bugs, and Wrap-up After following the tutorials in part 1, I wanted to keep exploring Map Kit.

Map Kit lets you use native maps in your app and overlay custom Annotations, a.k.a. This page covers some of the most common tasks requiring Map Kit, by the end of it you should be equipped for the majority of Map Kit use cases.The core element of the Map Kit Framework from the point of view of the app developer is the MKMap View class.This class is a subclass of UIView and provides a canvas onto which map and satellite information may be presented to the user.One of the obvious benefits of i OS is that it’s a mobile platform.i OS devices move throughout the world; calling upon a device’s location while utilizing Core Location and Map Kit helps you provide a better context for the data in your app.

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Shows lets you show buildings and Apple's points of interest on-map, and also lets you toggle displaying the user their location as an Annotation when while on-map (See 's image will be displayed at full-size. For image resizing, see the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

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