Wsus client not reporting but updating arab lounge dating site

- How to check from command prompt that client is reporting to WSUS server?

WSUS interval for checking new clients addition in the system ?

Windows Server Update Services 2.0 and above comprise a repository of update packages from Microsoft.

It allows administrators to approve or decline updates before release, to force updates to install by a given date, and to obtain extensive reports on which updates each machine requires.

System administrators can also configure WSUS to approve certain classes of updates automatically (critical updates, security updates, service packs, drivers, etc.).

One can also approve updates for "detection" only, allowing an administrator to see which machines will require a given update without also installing that update.

Another symptom and a confirmation of the broken IIS hypothesis is a selection of the following warning and error events listed for Windows Server Update Services: service prior to manipulation.

WSUS MPSReports and other tools for Troubleshooting WSUS, Windows Update, Microsoft Update, and AU issues.

Visiting Event Viewer Custom Views for Server Roles, or hitting the Roles’ list collapse sign (plus sign inside the square) on Server Manager and looking into each role’s events, you’d be surprised to see there’s no recent events or perhaps no events at all listed for Web Server (IIS).

This shows that IIS and its pipings are broken and client computers cannot communicate with the server.

Some Machines for customers are reporting fine, however some are not.

The Registry settings appear to be the same for all customers, however in the file I am getting the following from machines not repoting in to WSUS - 2015-05-27 :203 828 cc8 Service Update Network State Ipv6, c Network Interfaces = 1.

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