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It’s funny how we tend to think about what we most want to get from a relationship rather than considering what we might have to offer and what others might find tricky about us.If you’ve had lots of relationships, have you always been the one to end things?If you know you DON’T want to (and will never want to) sleep with a man, don’t let him spend money on you and don't accept an invitation for all-inclusive weekend get-away. Men have a way of picking up on a woman’s self-worth.They know which women are confident, independent and self-reliant and they will work hard to win her love and commitment.Are you in a relationship that’s not working for you?Have you been on your own for a while and now feel it’s time to find someone?After all, if one of the account holders is in trouble, say with debt collectors, the other account holder is also going to feel the pain.

"A lot of people, especially when their marriage gets rocky, will say, 'Oh, I need to put money in my own account,' but really, in the end, it doesn't matter." But setting up a joint account with your college-aged child or your elderly parent, a live-in girlfriend or boyfriend, or even a same-sex partner (if you live in a state that doesn't recognize civil unions) can invite big problems, says Hefty.

A 1964 story entitled quoted one expert as saying, "She doesn't keep track of the checks she writes. And before you know it, they're in a dither." Despite the bad headlines and the misgivings of some experts, having a joint checking or savings account with your spouse isn't really worth worrying about.

(Yes, your spouse has the right to drain the account if they want to, but then you have bigger problems in your marriage to contend with).

And they know which women are needy and desperate for a husband and they can put in limited effort to get her to give up her goodies. My father was a cheapskate and my mother worked 40 hours a week to help ends meet.

My father doled out his money with a clenched fist for household necessities.

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Setting up a joint account with someone you aren't married to, on the other hand, can be a different story altogether.

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