Interracial hollywood dating

In 2015, 17 percent (that’s about one in six) of American newlyweds married someone of a different ethnicity or race, according to this year’s Pew Center report.

While interracial dating was looked down upon for a long time, it’s completely common to see mixed couples walking down the street today.

It’s only taken about a century, but Hollywood is "You see a lot of movies with the same types of character, and one thing [director] Matt Spicer and I had talked about early on was wanting these characters to feel like real people in the world," says Plaza, who stars in and produced .

"O'Shea and I saw each other at an event, and there was just something intriguing about him as a person.

It was just an idea, until I later found out that he was actually obsessed with Batman in real life.

There was a very cosmic kind of thing that happened with him, which shows that sometimes the unexpected casting choice is the greatest."It's about time.

In Hollywood, many celebrities of various backgrounds have found themselves in the arms of someone completely different, and it’s a beautiful thing!

where the quirky title character, played by Aubrey Plaza, asks her Batman-obsessed landlord (O'Shea Jackson Jr.) on a date.

Alesha then tells her how she was able to snag VIP status!

Once Claudia arrives, the conversation gets a whole lot more entertaining and uncensored.

The couple split their time between New York City and London.

Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend met while on the set of Legend’s music video for “Stereo,” and they were instantly attracted to each other.

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The first couple on this list are one of the most iconic interracial couples of all time, and their remarkable beauty is something to behold.

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