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The twins are assigned a lot of extra work, including moving Molly's playhouse across the farm and ridding the Old West town of a bee infestation.

Roloff Farms becomes overwhelmed selling pumpkins, and Matt celebrates his 45th birthday with a visit from an Oregon state congressman.

She puts up a confident front, but privately, she admits to the camera that she's way out of her comfort zone."Ever since childhood, junior high, high school, college, social settings just have been really difficult for me," she explains. ), she begins to introduce herself to others at the event.

"Because being a little person or being short, it just feels to me awkward, and I don't know if I'm making myself awkward or if other people feel awkward. "I never did really any dating in my younger years," she tells the camera. I'm just bad at this single stuff."Asked by one of the men how long she's been single, she says "about three years." (Amy and Matt Roloff announced their split in 2014 after 26 years together.) "So you're a veteran," he jokes."Being married to Matt for as long as we were, 26 years, it is scary," she admits privately.

Another corporate picnic is coming to Roloff Farms.

Matt and Amy have a few chores for the Roloff twins to do, but their laziness and mischief gets them grounded.

This season viewers can look forward to Zach and Tori Roloff navigating pregnant life leading up to the birth of their first son; as the young couple struggles to get ready for the newest addition to the Roloff family, the major question looming is whether the baby will be a dwarf or not.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have their own baby news with the surprise that they are pregnant with a baby girl.

Meanwhile, Matt and Amy Roloff, the parents of Zach and Jeremy, may be divorced, but they're still living near each other as they operate the Helvetia-area family farm. The story of Matt and Amy Roloff, a married couple who are both a little more than 4-feet tall.They run a 34-acre farm in Oregon and have four children, three of whom are average-size while one is a little person.In addition, Amy is enthusiastically embracing her new role as grandmother and finds herself progressing in her relationship with her boyfriend Chris.Meanwhile, Matt has his own news to reveal that he too is in a relationship.

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Season 6, Episode 16November 22, 2010Amy, Zach and Jeremy travel to Haiti to provide relief for victims of the 2010 earthquake.

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