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This stops you from being able to continue your conversation as you watch clips and means you have to continuously switch back and forth.

A feature hidden in the code of the latest update of the app would fix this, by providing a picture-in-picture mode inside your Whats App chats.

Each app has its own tricks and tools for the optimal experience.

Let's break down the differences and why you'd want to use each.

The issue became apparent when users noticed that most of their hidden videos in Restricted Mode apparently had the words "gay", "lesbian" or "bisexual" in the title, even if such titles didn't actually discuss sex.

For example, singers Tegan and Sara tweeted that some of their music videos had disappeared in Restricted Mode while You Tuber Seaine Love said that recent videos about her transition were blocked and Tyler Oakley has also criticised the site.

My kids - 5 and 3 - run amok with youtube and it seems to have done nothing to impair them.

If anything it broadened their ideas for self play time.

Jones, who was dressed in orange jail garb, looked stone-faced during the brief hearing in which U. Magistrate Judge Michael Mason also ordered him locked down at his home 24 hours a day.

They found that the picture-in-picture mode, which is not yet publicly available, will let you move the video window around within the chat.

There are few questions about the i Pad but I am interested in knowing if such habit has bad impacts on my son. I cant deny that he has learned some good things like counting but it's like he lives in his own world.

In current versions of the software, users are forced to watch videos sent by friends and family in a full screen window.

The new function was uncovered by WABeta Info, who looked at the data contained in the App Store's version 2.17.40 update for Whats App.

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My two yr old does use the I pad mostly while we are getting ready for work and nursery in the morning and while I make the tea in the evening.

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