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Facilities may better meet these family members' needs by implementing policies and procedures to improve communication and engagement between staff, resident and family.There are a number of available options, such as enabling residents to video chat with family members, creating shared calendars that family members may view, and investing in software that allows family members to securely text staff, request resident pictures and updates, or even view a resident's activity through digital records that staff members create.The attorney general recently installed cameras throughout various Ohio state facilities.The presence of the cameras is not disclosed, and the attorney general hopes that this will serve as added deterrence against nursing home abuse.

And some of the other investigations involve the use of cameras, said De Wine spokeswoman Jill Del Greco.

The laws in each state differ, with some imposing more stringent requirements than others.

Thus, it is still very important to review and comply with the state law requirements applicable to your facility.

There need to be certain conditions met, and one of our concerns is, were those conditions in place to authorize a warrantless search?

asked Carol Rolf, an attorney for the Ohio Health Care Association.

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